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70% of global population will be living in cities in the future. 
With rapid, massive urbanisation and growing environmental concerns, transforming Urban Transport is paramount to Cities around the world.
Impacts of Urban Transport
Singapore Urban Transport (SingUT) International provides a one-stop global platform for the sharing and exchange of Singapore's experience and know-how; and international best practices and expertises in urban transport development and management.
SingUT International, leveraging on Singapore's successful urban transport model and its wide network of local and global partners and transport experts, serves as a global hub to:  
  • Share and transfer Singapore's know-how and global expertise to facilitate cities around the world to address their complex transport and environment challenges;
  • Spearhead professional capacity development of government officials, professionals and practitioners involved in urban transport from around the world; and
  • Promote the global exchange of urban transport best practices, innovative solutions and research knowledge.
SingUT International and its strategic units, Singapore Urban Transport International Academy and World Urban Transport Institute Singapore, are part of the Singapore Urban Transport (SingUT) organisation.
Our current focus areas include Best Practices Sharing, Capacity Development and Professional Training, Advisory, Practical Research; and Global Exchange and Networking, covering All Modes and Aspects of urban transport, including city freight and logistics.
We partner and collaborate with Government Agencies, City Administrations, International Organisations, Academic and Professional Institutions, Industry Leaders and Domain Experts, both in Singapore and from around the world, to spearhead a range of initiatives and programmes. Our aim is to be the catalyst for and contribute towards improving and transforming cities' urban transport system worldwide.
Strategic and Operating Framework 
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