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 Our Vision 愿景 
A Leading Global
Urban Transport Hub
Centred in Singapore

Our Brand Name
SingUT (新城交) is the global brand name of the Singapore Urban Transport organisation, which serves as a focal point to promote Singapore as a leading global hub for urban transport best practices, expertises, solutions, innovations and knowledge exchange. 
SingUT capitalises on 3 key strategic drivers:
  • Singapore's highly successful sustainable urban transport model, which is often envied by cities in both developed and developing worlds, with its extensive experience and know-how in urban transport development and management. Singapore, a global city, is also a living lab for urban solutions and innovations; and strategically positioned as the gateway to Asia and the world;


  • Global trend of rapid, massive urbanisation, which drives cities around the world to urgently deploy effective solutions to address their complex transport and environment challenges; and


  • Huge demand for capacity and institutional development in emerging cities around the world, where the extensive best practices, practical experiences and research knowledge available worldwide can be leveraged on, but need to be distilled, adapted and integrated for effective sharing and transfer.
Our President/CEO  总裁/院长

Loh Chow Kuang   罗兆广
Leadership and Organisation
SingUT is led by its founding President/CEO, Loh Chow Kuang (罗兆广), Singapore's senior transport expert who is well known internationally, including in China; and has a strong passion and 28 years of public and private sectors as well as international experience in urban transport.
SingUT has good access to Singapore's resources and its wide international network, especially in China, Korea, Japan, US, UK and Europe; covering Government Agencies, Industry Leaders, major International Organisations, Universities and Professional Institutions as well as Distinguished Experts and Professors specialised in transport.
SingUT comprises several dedicated strategic units to spearhead its various initiatives, programmes and projects.  Currently, they include:   
  • Singapore Urban Transport International
  • Singapore Urban Transport International Academy
  • World Urban Transport Institute Singapore
SingUT is advised by internationally renowned transport experts, and will leverage on a network of senior transport experts and strategic partners from around the world, including Singapore's transport pioneers and former senior government officials.
Our Strategy and Philosophy
Our strategy is to adopt a holistic and practical approach, forge partnership and build a robust network of local and global experts and resources, develop effective programmes and solutions, distil and integrate useful knowledge available worldwide; and promote global networking and exchange.   
We focus on the software or knowledge aspect, rather than hardware, of urban transport.  Our scope covers all modes and all aspects of urban transport, including public and private transport, bus, rail, taxi, road and non-motorised transport, as well as city freight and logistics; from policy and planning to regulation and management.
We forge partnership and collaborative arrangements with organisations and transport experts globally, while leveraging on its wide network of organisational partners and individual domain experts, both in Singapore and from around the world, to spearhead its initiatives and deliver its various programmes and projects.
We are flexible and nimble, totally free from administrative bureaucracies and inefficiency; and strive to keep cost low while maximising value for our partners.
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