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Key Focus Areas
SingUT spearheads and develops, in collaboration with partners, a range of initiatives and programmes focusing on the following key areas:
  • Sharing of Singapore's Experiences & Know-how
  • Sharing of Global Best Practices and Expertises
  • Capacity Development & Professional Training
  • Advisory & Consultancy
  • Practical Research
  • Global Exchange & Networking
  • International Partnership & Cooperation
Our inititatives and programmes are aimed to benefit Cities, Organisations and Individuals from around the world, including Government Officials, Transport Professionals and Industry Practitioners.
Scope and Coverage   
We share and transfer best practices, practical knowledge and solutions to help improve and transform the urban transport systems of cities, covering the full spectrum of urban transport modes and aspects, including city freight and logistics:
Transport Policy &
  • Institutional Framework and Reform
  • Transport Strategy and Master Plan 
  • Sustainable Transport Policy
  • Public Transport Policy
  • Demand Management Policy 
  • Car Ownership and Usage Restraint
  • Vehicle Licensing Framework
  • Parking Policy
  • Infrastructure Funding / Financing Policy
  • Transport Economics
Transport  Planning
  • Strategic & Master Planning
  • Road Network Planning
  • Rail Transit System Planning 
  • Bus Network Planning
  • Landuse and Transport Integration
  • Cost and Benefit Analysis
  • Development Controls
  • Parking Standards


Public Transport 
  • Public Transport Reform
  • Public Transport Regulatory Framework
  • Public Transport Integration
  • Bus Licensing & Regulation
  • Rail Transit Licensing & Regulation
  • Taxi Licensing & Regulation
  • Fare and Ticketing Regulation
  • Last-mile Connection
  • Quality of Service Standards
  • Public Transport Operations & Management (Bus, Rail & Taxi)
  • Promotion of Public Transport Usage
  • Public Transport Satisfaction Survey
  • Safety and Security Management
Traffic and Congestion Management  
  • Electronic Road Pricing
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Area Traffic Control
  • Traffic Engineering & Management
  • Road Safety Engineering and Audits
  • Non-motorised Transport
  • Traffic Enforcement
Green Transport &
Sustainable Development
  • Environmentally Sustainable Transport
  • Green Transport Systems
  • Vehicle Emission Controls
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Sustainable Development Framework
Urban Freight and City Logistics
  • Heavy Vehicles Management
  • Urban Freight Management
  • City Logistics 
  • Express Delivery   
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